Private Training 

I provide custom training in extremely practical object-oriented design (OOD). My 3-day course teaches students to think in objects. They'll learn to leverage the 'principles' of OOD to minimize the costs of creating new software and to mitigate the pain of maintaining existing code.

Courses are so hands-on that I bring a second instructor to classes of more than 12 students.  I prefer to limit total class size to about 18 but in special circumstances have taught groups as large as 30.  Startups and small companies are welcome to combine forces to make up a single class.

See the course description for more details.

Public Course

'm teaching my Practical Object-Oriented Design course this fall in Durham, North Carolina on October 25 - 27, 2017.  This is a chance for individuals and developers from smaller businesses to take the course alongside highly motivated, like-minded peers.

The venue is beautiful, the weather will be perfect and the food delicious, but it's the experience of working with your fellow students that can't be beat.