Hi, I'm Sandi and I'm a programmer.

I'm also a teacher, author and sometime consultant, but I teach, write and consult about programming so it all starts here.

In the past 30+ years I have written innumerable applications, a surprising number of which are still running today. Dealing with long lived applications has left me deeply biased towards creating practical solutions that produce working software that is easy to change.

I believe in simplicity.  I strive for simple code and straightforward explanations, and while I won't claim I always succeed, my work is improved by the humble attempt.  The fact that yesterday's ideas seem imperfect today gives me confidence that I'm still learning; it's a great pleasure to share this knowledge with you.

2013 Ruby Hero

2013 Ruby Hero


I’ve spoken about SOLID, object-oriented design, and refactoring at international Ruby conferences since 2009; most of my talks are online (ConfreaksVimeoYouTube). I've also been interviewed for The Changelog, Hanselminutes and The Bike Shed podcasts among others. 

If you’d like me to speak at your event or join you on your podcast...