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Author of POODR: Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby


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I’ll be speaking at RailsConf, MagmaConf and Burlington Ruby Conference.
Hope to see you in Chicago, Manzanillo or Burlington.

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I’m working on a public class to be held in London at the end of June/early July. The details are still being worked out; sign up to be notified as they emerge.

now from the blog

How Shall We Define ‘Design’?

I love object-oriented design.  It’s like open source software in general; perfect strangers come up with ideas that can save me time and money and then, out of the goodness of their hearts, go to a fair amount of trouble to pass these ideas on.  I benefit from their efforts every day.

However, you don’t have to go far to find competent, thoughtful, well-intentioned folks who curse and spit when they say ‘design’.  To these folks OOD is anathema; they see it as useless excess that must be avoided at all costs.  

Two things are odd about this situation.  First, while I’m certainly no genius, neither am I a complete idiot.  As a woman of a certain age I’ve been writing code for an alarmingly long time.  I have tons of experience getting applications out the door and my experience is that OOD lowers costs, increases output and keeps code fun.  

Second, when I listen to the anti-design folks explain their points-of-view, I agree with about 99.9% of what they have to say.