Send a postcard.  Get a book. 

Of course we want you to buy it.  It's been years of our lives in the making, and we have bills too.  However, if you absolutely cannot afford it, we'll make you a deal.  Snail-mail us a postcard, and we'll email you a free copy.

A proper postcard, mind you, with a vacation-like scene, and an actual postcard stamp.  Hand-drawn postcards are both acceptable and encouraged.  The more effort you expend, the better we'll feel about our end of this bargain.

On this postcard, write:

  1. your email address and

  2. a paragraph about how you plan to use the knowledge you gain from 99 Bottles of OOP to improve the world.

Send it to:

Free 99 Bottles of OOP Book
5420 Aspen Circle
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

And stand by for incoming.


Please note that the postcard plan is not a bulk discount program, it's a way to put one copy of the book into the hands of a single motivated but insufficiently funded individual.  If you plan to purchase multiple copies of 99 Bottles of OOP  and are seeking a discount, email with details about your organization.

If you just can't wait, there's always ...

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