POODNYC - October 2016 Scholarship Application

We support good works and diversity in the technology space. We are offering two seats in our upcoming course for people who are making a difference or are under-represented in the field. We especially encourage folks who are focused on giving back to the community. This scholarship includes free tuition, travel and accommodations. We're reserving one spot for a NYC-based programmer.

A note about the selection process. We look favorably upon candidates who:

  1. have a clear financial need
  2. have a moderate amount of programming experience (6 months minimum, a year or more preferred)
  3. are demographically diverse from the community at large
  4. are engaged in good works

More information on how we've handled scholarships in the past is available in this blog post. Applications are due by September 28th. 

Tell us why you deserve a spot!

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